A student from Vine Christian School has achieved the Highest Mark in Ghana for Pearson Edexcel iPrimary English, a prestigious international exam that tests students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Ewurabena beat thousands of other students from across the country who also took the exam.

Ewurabena said she was surprised and delighted by her result. She said she loved reading books, especially in English, and that helped her improve her language skills. She also thanked her teachers and parents for their support and guidance.

The head of School of Vine Christian School, Mrs. McCarthy, said he was thrilled by Ewurabena’s success. She said it was a testament to the quality of education and the vision of the school. She said the school aimed to prepare Christ-centred world leaders who could honour God, serve humanity, and achieve their potential.Ewurabena was celebrated by her family, friends, and school community. She said she was grateful for all the recognition and appreciation. She said she would keep reading and learning more. She said she wanted to become a doctor when she grew up and help people in need.